Hi err'body

Whenever I try to uninstall BitDefender Internet Security 2010 the uninstallation process runs fine (Licence is expired, trying to install 2011). After it, I'm asked to restart my computer for changes to take effect. When I do, I get A BSoD with the following details:

I even copied down the whole array of hexadecimal code:P
Technical Information:
STOP: 0x0000000D1 (0x000000002, 0x000000000, 0x88658B02)
ndis.sys - Address 8865Bo2 base at 88622000, DateStamp 4a5bbf58

Ya, I think that's about it. Tried checking the Minidump folder, nothing there. Even used BitDefender's uninstall tool, with the same results. Checked on BitDefender's forum and many Google searches, but to no avail. I can send through details of my notebook if they're needed.

(Sorry if my English is a bit off, Exam stress:) )

The error which you are talking about is mostly cause by application. uninstall bit defender... if still the problem occur , then check which software you have installed recently....

Yeah I did a bit of research on this topic and seems to be a common occurance. You should attempt a boot into safemode if possible and try to restore or repair the system. I would honestly advise against downloading most antivirus software in the first place and if you do be very sure you are downloadin it from the vender. It seems even if you are getting it through this vender though they seem to have any occurances such as this. Personal opinion use avg for what it's worth I personally back up all my data that way if I get a virus I just reimage my computer and like magic it's fixed. Another great point from a securtiy stand point if you are visiting alot of sights you are unfamiliar with do it through a virtual pc that way if you happen uppon something nasty it applies the virrus to the virual machine and you simply zap it and create a new one.

Try using an uninstall program like your uninstaller, and a registry cleaner to clean the registry, and check your start programs (programs that start with windows) and check that bitdefender does not have something associated that starts with windows.

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