Hello all.

I am receiving Bluescreens when I boot my PC up, randomly one of the 3 above. This is not every time I boot the system, but at least 70% of the time.

This started when I installed a new graphics card into the PC (ATI HD5770), so my first assumption would be that this is causing the problem.
However, I would like to call on the community here and see if there are any solutions I can try myself to get this working, or if I should get on the blower to the retailer and seek a replacement card.

I have updated the drivers for the card to the newest ones available on ATI's website, I have also updated windows and the problem still occurs.
My other reason for suspecting the Graphics Card/driver would be that the system will boot into Safe Mode, although once in Safe Mode the system will generally boot to windows (a few exceptions) if I select restart. So mainly the problem is only happening on a 'cold boot'.

Any suggestions? Would it be worth calling ATI, any suggestions appreciated :)

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What version of windows do you have? Did you remove the driver and software for your old card before installing the new one?


Windows 7 Home Premium, all software and drivers from the old card were removed.

Have also reinstalled Windows which has not helped.


i googled those stop errors and got some fun info. exact search terms were "(address) stop error" and "(address) address". the (address) = 0x7e, 0x50, 0x19 one at a time

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