i have formated a friends laptop by instaling a new windows 7 in a different partition but i do not know how to remove the old windows from the other partition, the computer keeps saying unable to perform format when i format the partition containig the old windows please help.

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i want to format the partition and leave it empty because it kinda makes the computer heavy in processing < u know wat i mean ofcourse> . :-)


So how did it go. Did our suggested solutions work. We need to hear a reply.

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You have to select booting system. Select cd-rom and then you will be able to format your partition.

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thanks to you all but unfortunately none of you answered my question corectly, after some research in others places this is the sollution that i found that works exactly as i wanted

1. on the start menu sellect "disc cleanup"
2. specify the partition that you want cleaned and the comp will run a diagnostic on how much space you can save after the cleaning
3. in the list of things that you can remove that will appear after a few seconds. sellect previos windows instalations and "OK'
4. the windows old file will be deleted

and incase you want to delete any file that is requiring permiosion from tha administrator just create a windows old file , put all those files in that folder and folow the same procedure


Good to hear that you solved it. unfortunately, you did not give us much information you, so we are unable to help you.

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