Well first of all i appreciate you taking the time in reading this. I bought a Hp pavilion dv7 brand new from best buy couple months back. Ive never let a scratch on this. Only handled by 1 person. Never dropped nothing. Always on my office desk.

However, one day i turn on the laptop, and the whole color was faded in a very dull grey color.

I dont understand what happened.

my friend told me its the inverter that needs to be replaced.


If it was the inverter you wouldn't see anything on screen at all unless you used a strong light on it. It being a HP dv series, it's far more likely that your graphics chip is beginning to fail as this is extremely common with that particular range of laptops. Indeed, it is by far and away THE most common failure with dv laptops. It's the result of poor manufacturing quality along with woefully inadequate cooling (to save money on production costs).
If it is still under warranty then take it back and get it fixed as it usually means a replacement motherboard is needed and that ain't cheap.

As the laptop is only a few months old, you can have it fixed free.

Go to Best buy and have them send it to HP for you.

I believe you still have warranty, take it back and solve it, is free.