I use Vista.There are these problems with my computer:

1.The "Computer" icon on my desktop,the text under it is like:


and not


,in one line.
The icon is large enough.The thing is it wasn't like that before,but now it is.

2.When I press,@ I get ".I restarted the computer,now it is fine.But the problems keep persisting.After 2 days it will come up again.
Also,once there was this problem wherein it was as if someone was pressing the keys 's and 'a' on my keyboard(no one was actually).So the consequence was,I press on any input text field,it would start getting filled like "sasasasasasasa"
I restarted the computer and the problem got solved.If the keys weren't stuck then why was that happening at all?

3.Caps lock is On and what I get is lower case letters and vice versa.
Why?And this problem gets solved on restart.

4.I go to :Computer->D Drive->and all the folders in it don't have names under them.
The names appear when I view them in list though.

5.My CPU makes lot of noise only sometimes(unlike my old CPU which made noise all the time.

The thing is all these problems usually go away on restart and they reappear later.
How do I fix them?Why are they happening?

Thank You.Please help.

have you run any malware scans ,if not try scanning computer for malware/trojans .
www.malwarebytes.comits free
install it update and run full scan ,,after scan fix what it finds ,
it will create a log when done ,you can post it back here if you wish

From what i see, you have multiple problems. Try doing a scan first using the soft3ware caperjack suggested. Vista are known to have many errors, i need to know your computer model and other information.

I recently had a similar problem(s). I had picked up a spyware key logger. It actually hijacked part of my admin control and was actually sending every keystroke I made somewhere. It caused all sorts of irritating problems including my pc revving so loud that I wondered if it was going to take off. I used ThreatFire to remove it and everything is back to normal. Threatfire is free @ cnet.

I tried MalwareBytes.
On doing a full scan it found just 3 infected files:
2 keygens and another flash based .exe file.I had them quarantined,and deleted by MalwareBytes.

Should that do the job?
I still don't see names under the folders and files in some directories(some only,others are normal).

I have a Dell Inspiron 535s,with 320 GB Hard Disk space and 4GB RAM.
32 Bit Windows Vista,3 GHz processor.And Intel Core 2 Duo microprocessor.
What other information should I give?

I will run a full scan and post the results here.

YOu said Keygens, maybe they are the malware that affect your keyboard thus your keyboard is having problem. The all malware found by malware bytes are the cause of your problem. It seems that malware bytes have not removed them cleanly. You can try doing a scan using various anti virus software. Vista are also known to be vulnerable to viruses. If problem persists backup all your importan files and do a reformat. But when you backup files, do a scan on the files first as they might have malware on them and will infect your external hard drive. Best of luck.

Stop do not reformat your computer. I repeat do not. If you had seen this post, reply to me immediately so i know you have read it and acknowledge it. Try posting this in the virus, spyware and other nasties forum. Virus experts there might have a solution. They might recommend you some softwares or other steps. In the meantime you might want to read this and create a thread in the virus spyware forum. YOu can click here if you cannot find the forum. Any question just post.

I found that my shift key was stuck.That was responsible for no folder names.
Other problems aren't persisting now.
So I'll wait for sometime before I do what you said.

And I have always had Kaspersky Internet Security 2011.Isn't that good enough to keep out all malwares and viruses?

YOu must be kidding me, a shift key caused all this problem? How was it stuck, you should have figure out and check the keyboards in the first place.

Not all the problems,only one problem.Others are the same,I must wait.
what about Kaspersky?

Kaspersky is an excellent anti virus program and i prefer it more than norton. Internet security or antivirus? Kaspersky enough should keep your computer safe so you should not be able to have virus often

But what do you have for antivirus. Any softwares? Is your firewall on?

kaspersky internet security includes an anti virus as well.And does the job of a firewall.