Hey anyone need some help, my Toshiba notebook wont start at all not even in safe mode. I've tried reinstalling the OS but not even that works. I am thinking that it is a hardware problem, thin is I only recently got a new harddrive and the OS redone as well. Has my notebook totally crashed? can someone assists? or does anyone know someone with a similiar problem and was able to fix it.

Can you get into BIOS and how far can you boot up your computer before the problem show up?

The last time you boot your laptop normally, did you done anything significant on your laptop?

Probably HDD, RAM or BIOS problem if you can't boot your computer even with reinstalling windows.

Yes I can get to BIOS setup,I have been trying to reslove it. I haven't anythhing out of the ordinary that I could recall would cause such a problem. Is there something I can do from BIOS or what am I not doing

what happened when you tried to reinstall windows.
does the hdd show in th bios

MY optical drive don't work, so I had to use a bootable USB with the OS to reinstall the OS. I get to the point where is it ask for which language you want the OS in then after the Intall option comes on. When I press install nothing happens almost like it frezes at that point.

can anyone offer a solution or any recommendation/s

question #1 what happened when you tried to reinstall windows.

question #2 does the hdd show in th bios.

so what about question #2 first

Yes the HDD does show but it does not launch the OS. It ask to launch startup repair or start normally, when I activate startup repair it takes me to the screen where windows would normally appear but there is no icons just freezes. Option 2 if I choose to start normally it eventually gives me the BSOD.

how old is this laptop ,any chance its over heating ,is the fan and heatsinc clear of dust.

as for knowing anyone who has this problem ,at one time or another almost everyone who owns a laptop[if they keep it long enough ] will have a similar problem as your

The laptop is no more than 2 years old, I mean it's not a high end machine
but I expect better. So you think that is a hardware defect or breakdown maybe memory or overhearting. Should I just forget it and invest in something better or should I persevere tp try to fix it

Execuse me? Have you tried to test memory with Windows 7 Installation Disk?

Starting the install process implies everything works but I don't know how far into the process is the language selection. You might want to try and make a new bootable USB and run it again.

I think problem is from HDD. You can try some liveCD like Knoppix or PartedMagic to test its health.

I believe it is a driver issue - like win 7 not recognizing your keyboard, when you try to install it.
And the fact that you have started a new install, which didn't finish, will ofc. give you a bsod, since what you have on the hdd is only part of the os.

I suggest to try and enter bios - load safe defaults (F9 usually).

Then restart the install by booting from the usb drive, end during setup when it ask for language - give it plenty of time to search for the driver (5-10 min.), and if it still doesn't respond after that wait -> reboot/reinstall again, and try to bypass that part of installation if you have an external keyboard attached (maybe you can borrow one somewhere?).

Other that that - install the original OS, and run an upgrade to 7 (I believe you originally got it with vista installed, since it is 2 yo)

If your BIOS has the option to select SATA/IDE or Enhanced/Compatible, try to change any of it and try to run windows again. Usually you'll get BSOD if you selected the wrong setup for your HDD..

For Windows 7, it normally set to SATA to run properly...

Have you tried a different install or a different version of windows 7? Maybe that particular install has a problem

Hi,thank you for accepting me in this organization,

God bless the members in this organization.

Can sum one pleas help me for windows 7,




Hi,thank you for accepting me in this organization,

God bless the members in this organization.

Can sum one pleas help me for windows 7,




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hello friend , just try to boot from an live cd(linux) any version like ubuntu/fedora/mint and check out , ur system is working or not , if working then this is a software / configuration problem else hardware problem....

I have installed windows 7 home edition against the old windows 7 having virus.During the process of installation it shows the message as old version will save in as old.windows folder.so after successful installation i supposed to delete old.windows folder its not deleting and asking the permissions.so my concerns is how to delete that folder because it consuming 10gb space.Please let me know ASAP