Hi All, I am new here , Ia m using currently using Windows XP professional(NTFS File system) and I have heard a lot about windows 7.I just want to know about it.Its features,update,new things ect.Thanks ion advance.

a lot of great features in win7 to many to mention but google has them all .good luck enjoy win7' i do

Complete new interface... much better than XP.

lots of games come with it. extra networking features. awesome UI with themes/auto changing backgrounds. supports login screen changing without 3rd party programs.better security features. all in all much better than any other os I have ever used (excluding linux ubuntu which i would recommend and is free and open source)

Windows 7, isn't a dramatic overhaul of its predecessor Windows Vista, it does fix several sore spots and add a few welcome features. Rumor has it that Windows 7 will drop in the middle of next year, but last month Microsoft released a "preview" tester build of Windows 7.

don't you mean tester build of windows 8

Windows 7 has more advance graphics and the interface is better than XP.:)

window 7 is best os for or computers and laptops

window 7 is best os for or computers and laptops

thanks for that much needed info ,care to elaborate, as many people think Linux is the best

All OS have its pros and cons.