I'm running the evaluation copy,Build 7100.
I have a file:...weekly/(lots of .ppt files).
and I have tweaked all the settings for search, indexed everything, copied the file into My Computer,shared, and indexed the source backup drive.
The files were saved in XP from Office 2000.
Search can not find or display the .ppt files or their contents.
If I navigate manually, they are there.
Any ideas?
Bug in the evaluation copy?

What is navigate manually? Do you mean you click "open" and then select the drive/partition, file and locate the file that way, and powerpoint can then see the file?
If that is the case, create a new powerpoint file (just 1 page with 1 word is enough) and click "save" name it and then look in the location where it was to go and see if it is there. If it is you have a problem somewhere (OS or Office). If it is not there, then you are the problem with your allocation of file location.

I discovered something this morning.
The .ppt files copied from XP are opening in compatibility mode.DOH!