yes can anyone recommend to me any good dvd burning programs.

everyone is going to have there own personal choice for this
i like nero myself but there are lots available

the reason im asking is because, when i try to burn a movie sometimes the wording is off from the timing and or another movie file is at the end so i was just wondering

There is plenty of burning software to choose from. I use Ashampoo burning studio.

Try slowing down the burn process.

kk ill try that, and not sure if anyone will know, but i got two external HD same size and all but one drive the .avi files sometimes reads and sometimes doesnt, on the other HD they work fine is it the HD going bad

If you talk about a single .avi file. Than that file may corrupt during download. For your HDD, maybe you can do a disk check. Also scan for virus too just in case.

yes a single avi file but i have watched it when i first downloaded it and it worked fine, i have ran both norton and malwarebytes and came clean on all drives but im not sure

Did you do a disk check? That means scan the HDD for bad sector. You go to My computer. Right click the drive > Properties > Check disk and click it. It will take a while to check.

yes i have ran a disc check and ran the defrag everything came back clean,