Hello. I am looking to reformat my PC. The specs are in my profile and I have a couple pics to show you that might solve my problem. I have reformatted in the past and had to put in a disk with a file on it for like my SATA or something. Well I have never known how to do this and I think I reformat wrong because of it. At the moment when I startup the screen comes up and says that the "BIOS are not found" for my PROMISE Fasttrak... I want this to be fixed when I reformat as well... Here are the pics of my PC specs. I hope this helps.




As you can see I would really like to make my reformat a perfect transition unlike the past. Any more information you need just let me know. Thanks!

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bump. Help needed please.

okay? im not sure what your probem is here? why do you want to reformat? cause of the message your bios spits out about not finding a any drives? (im assuming that what you mean... cause if your bios was not found, your computer would not start)
do you think you need to reformat because you get this message? that message is not generated from a "bad format". talking about bout formats... what do you mean by that... what is bad about it?

from you motherboard specs you I see you have 2 raid controllers. 1 is the default, the other is the extended. the reason why you get the "no drives found" or simular message is because there is nothing hooked up to promise side of the contorler. this is just textual information about how hardware is hooked up. nothign to be worried about. the extended funcionaltiy can be turned off in your bios, but since I dont know how your bios is layed out or what information is in there to edit... I cant help ya. so I suggest you just deal with it. as far as being prompted for a driver disk when you install windows. you just gona have to deal with that too... t he reason for this is because the drivers for your sata drive are not found on the windows cd. since windows can't find the drivers, it doesn't know how to interface with you hard drive. unless you slipstream those drives onto your windows cd, you will always need to do this. or you can just wait for the next release of windows (windows vista, they will support the sata technology right out of the box)

your 2 controllers are:
VIA K8T800Pro and Promise 20378.

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