I want to make my own web-site, and I know HTML (everyone knows it :D) and some PHP. I have a lot of experience with Windows and Linux (Particularly Ubuntu) but I never had my own server, except WAMP that I used for learning PHP. My web-site is not a big one, just a page for a program I wrote, and a small forum (that I didn't write yet). I am limited on budget, so I have to use my dad's old computer, and I am planning to get around 30-150 visitors a day. I don't care how much time it takes to set up the OS and the server, I have plenty of time :D. I have Windows Server 2008 disk that I got from my mom (she used to work for a small company which fell apart and they just gave her the Windows). I think I should use Linux, (maybe Debian) because the computer I am planning to use is pretty week, and I HEARD linux runs better on old computers.

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And if I should use Linux which distro do you think I should choose, and the server program (Apache or something else)?

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