I want to make my own web-site, and I know HTML (everyone knows it :D) and some PHP. I have a lot of experience with Windows and Linux (Particularly Ubuntu) but I never had my own server, except WAMP that I used for learning PHP. My web-site is not a big one, just a page for a program I wrote, and a small forum (that I didn't write yet). I am limited on budget, so I have to use my dad's old computer, and I am planning to get around 30-150 visitors a day. I don't care how much time it takes to set up the OS and the server, I have plenty of time :D. I have Windows Server 2008 disk that I got from my mom (she used to work for a small company which fell apart and they just gave her the Windows). I think I should use Linux, (maybe Debian) because the computer I am planning to use is pretty week, and I HEARD linux runs better on old computers.

And if I should use Linux which distro do you think I should choose, and the server program (Apache or something else)?

since you are using linux have you try posting this in the linux forum?

use linux, and try ubuntu server since you already use ubuntu