When I plugged my webcam into my USB port a few days back it was automatically detected fine, however the window prompting to install drivers of which i couldnt find the CD for, kept re-appearing on the screen so i clicked a tick box that said something like stop showing this message and clicked ok...Now whenever i plug in my webcam to the USB port, it is not ebing detected, and also my USB mouse is not being detected also...however the webcam light comes on when it is plugged in here, so i dont think there is anything wrong physically witht he USB port...how can i enable USB plug and play automatic detection again ? and also, does anyone know where i can find drivers for PC-line w330 while im on the subject lol.

Try this. Go to

Control panel > system >Device Manager

And look for anything that you think might be you USB drive. Right click on it and hit properties. Then go to the drivers tab and click update. Let it check online. IF you do get hold on the disk put that in when you do those steps.