hi.. well first things first my computer... it is a dell 8200 with a 40gb hdd as the main and it has a 60gb as a secondry which i use to back my things up on in case anytime my main hdd packs in ive got all the stuff i need on there... my processor is a 3.06ghz intell which runs at 2.29ghz i have windows xp media center edition 2005 on my pc with sp2 ive had all my windows updates installed..
secondly the problem
my computer has just been formated i disconnected my secondry hdd and carried on with the format installed windows xp put all the updates on and all my software my antivirus,firewall, antispam, anti spyware all in one which is bitdefender 9 internet security.. now i conneced my secondry hdd back to the pc and turned my pc on i went into the bios and made sure it will detect it and thats its a secondry (oh yes i forgot to mention the jumper settings are set correctly to the hdd's instructions) it save the settings and exited the bios which now reboots my pc kp loads up sweet at nut.. go to access my stuff on the secondry hdd and the hdd isnt there.... i have been into device manager to check if its there it is... i done a add hardware in the control panel.. it was there and said the device is working properly.. i went through all the help and support center on xp (which might i add never seems to work anytime u want help with problems on ya pc) yes went through all that uninstalled the hdd rebooted the pc.. it the detected it again and said its installed correctly and ready to use i rebooted the pc once again.. and still no hdd there... what could it be i am totally puzzled...
i dont want to format the secondry hdd.. as it has everything i need on it my pictures my music my programs my games everything if i have to format it, it will be a great loss... so i was wondering is there a way around this? as anybody encounterd this problem before if so how did u overcome it?
any possible solutions or answers then im all ears plz plz plz help me.. im a man in need

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