:rolleyes: when i try to backup my settings & documents to cd/r it shows at the bottom file window saying backup. i clicked to start the procedure & says that is not the correct file name. i have to do a backup to cd/r because i have alot of files to backup that will not fit on a floppy. is there a specific file name i need to enter to proceed w/ the process. this is the pc that crashed on me earlier cause i could'nt perform this correctly.so i'm in trouble now. pc is not booting to windows because of a very large mistake i made in chkdsk procedure. i have a post on this issue. {WILL NOT BOOT TO WINDOWS}. any comments would be greatful.:mrgreen:

ok, what program do you use to perform backup task, or you just use paste&copy?

i used back up wizard. i'm learning a little about copy & paste. have'nt got it down pack just yet. can only do it in widows applications. my only experience w/ burning music & dvd movies. i have roxio burning software but have trouble some times trying to create a proper file name & it decines it. thats w/ any type of procedure. i'm trying to burn my data onto a cd/r disk. thanks for replying.

you, didn't answer my question, nevertheless try simply copy your "my documents", about "my setting" are you mean settings of the windows, unfortunatelly you won't be able to backup them.

:rolleyes: well actually i meant windows but i assume what your saying makes sense. you mean i have to have some sort of backup software to perform this procedure? i ordered that from gateway. i see what your talking about when you say copy my documents. i'll check some articles on how to do this.about my settings, i did'nt really understand that, but i'll check it out. i need to back up all my pictures & email folder content all my wifes smileys & backgrounds she bought from incredimail. i definately believe its all still there just accomplishing the task is another thing. the software i purchased when i recieve it has a program about retrieving my data from my h/d. gateway must own Emachine corp. thanks again.;)


Try out this procedure.

Open My Computer, Navigate to C:\ > Documents and Settings.

Put in a CD-R, and if an menu appears, select "~Write files to Disk~", or again navigate to My Computer, and open up your CD Rewriter Drive.

Go back to the window, "Documents and Settings" and right-click the folder, whose name is your PC username, and select copy.

Open the window for your CD-R Drive, and right-click the empty space, and select "Paste".

On the menu to the left, select "~Write these files to disk~" (or something similar).

Regards, David

:mrgreen: thanks DaveB, i'll give a shot. i wished i could have known this when my computer crashed. can't boot to windows. when i get to where i can get my windows to boot back i'll perform your procedure from now on. i have always wondered how to perform a proper backup. but never could accomplish it. i would like to backup email & my documents & desktop only. the other stuff does'nt matter. thanks for the reply back. maybe i can help you sometime. thanks again.;)

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