I've got a DSL connection using a SpeedStream 5200 router and I am using Internet Connection Sharing to share on our local network. My problem is, I can't get ports 5631 & 5632 to open so I can use PCAnywhere. The router won't let me forward the ports to my workstation's static IP address, which I thought would be the solution. I'm guessing part of the problem is the Internet Connection Sharing, but I can't figure out any way to get those ports open.

Thanks in advance for any help. I'm sure there must be a way to do this!


Did you open the ports on the router? That is my main concern.

Did you open the ports on the router? That is my main concern.

Yes, that is one of the first things I tried. I've been working most of the day on this and I think I finally figured it out. I did get PCAnywhere to work last night, but when I tried on a different workstation today it did not work. It seems that with Internet Connection Sharing I can only map one IP address to a port, so I'm having to use different ports for each workstation. Does that sound right?

Also, is there any way to tell if a port is actually open on my computer. I've tried various online port scanners and they said the port is closed even when PCAnywhere is working. I did try Netstat -a and that showed on port listening, so I suppose that is an option.