I have recently assembled a computer out of old components, a Gigabyte 8SMMLP Motherboard with 1GB worth's SD-Ram, a 256MB Geforce FX5200 graphics card and Intel 2.6GHz CPU.

When I turned it on it throws me a "Drive Read Error", it's unable to read either my DVD Drive or the HDD, I checked both and they are working in my other systems. It was never networked with other systems because it's a newly built system out of second hands. ^^;

It boots up, can't be the processor or RAM; I suspect I may have damaged a bridge since I had to overclock it a bit to get it up to speed, but could this also be the BIOS?

(If this is not the right thread to post this, please direct me to the proper, I'm new here)

I think I may have traced the problem, I'm not 100% sure on it though, I'll try to figure this one out here, CD boots with HDD disconnected. HDD alone gives the error. Corrupted HD?

Would appreciate any responses.

Problem solved, reformated the Hard drive through another computer.

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