I'm trying to do a fresh install of XP on a new HDD. When I boot from the XP CD, I get to the 'enter to install, r for recovery, F3 to exit' screen, and my keyboard locks up. Won't let me ctrl + alt + delete, or even turn caps/nunbers lock on and off. I've already tried a different keyboard, including the one I'm typing on now, and different RAM, as well as both of the CD drives installed in the machine. Specs of the system are:

1.2 GHz Celeron
160 MB Maxtor EIDE HDD (new)
1 256 MB RAM stick
1 128 MB RAM stick
PS/2 keyboard
Not sure of the specs, but a CD-ROM and a CD Re-Writer drive.

Every thing was working fine before I tried to install XP on the new disk.

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Have you got any peripherals attached, like a printer, or external hard drive? Make sure that only your keyboard, mouse and monitor are attached, nothing else, for the installation. Also, set your BIOS to defaults, or pull the Clear CMOS jumper on your motherboard, that helps clear the ESCD, which stores hardware configuration. That can often cause the installation to freeze if there's a bum entry in that database.

Thanks for the reply, but I've solved the problem. I didn't look closely enough at the old HDD jumper settings. The system is set up to use cable select, and I tried to use jumper select to set it as a master. Also, the system didn't seem to like my KVM setup. I had to go with a local keyboard and mouse, after which it worked. I've never had any other system give any 'complaints' about my KVM before, just this one. I'm starting to really dislike HP (not that I ever really liked them in the first place).

I had this same problem, and no KVM. The trick for me was to unplug the mouse. God knows why, but with the mouse unplugged the keyboard functioned again just fine.

Also, I should mention that my number lock, caps lock and scroll lock lights would blink very dimly before. Unplug the mouse and everything works just fine.

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