how can I read or copy such files , so that I can use them or know what they include ?
I know it's because of that they are protected and not shared while use ,
but I want to use these data
maybe it can be done bysome kind of programmings , please tell me

What kind of files you want to access? Did you try to check it under 'Task Manager' and see if it is indeed running?

well , I mean mostly system files that are not shared of opening like ntuser.dat in user files

That's definitely can't be read or copy/paste when operate under Windows. Windows need it to read files inside those folders or it will have problem reading it and cause unnecessary BSOD or windows error.

The only way to read or copy it is by using non-Windows OS like Linux, Mac, Ubuntu etc. They can bypass the file protection put by windows can do whatever you like to the files.

for non-windows OS, you can use live-cd version so you can run those OS without installing to your computer and copy those files under same OS...

then you mean it will have the same data it has when windows is running ?
anyway ,thanks for your reply
I think I will do that :)