Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me. I've got a dual boot system with Windows XP which is my primary operating system and Windows 7. My computer is fairly old so it has a small hard drive so I want the space that is allocated to 7 to be added XP as I need the space. So I was wondering is there any way I can delete the 7 partition and then add that space of the hard drive to the XP partition?

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi. Probably you can't do that with Partition Magic in windows XP, so I recommend you Partition Wizard. Personally I used Partition Wizard Home Edition 4.2.2 to split the XP system partition in my mini laptop, cause the system restore hidden partition were a problem to Partition Magic. If you ever used Partition Magic, you will find Partition Wizard very easy to use. It let you establish your desired changes (in this case, delete 7 partition and expand XP partition to the freed space), then when you are prompted to restart the system it will do the programmed modifications. I used it and worked just fine. Remembet to modify the system boot file to delete the 7 entrance. Hope this helped you. Bye.

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