I hope someone will be able to help me.
I was trying to download and install the latest version of Quicktime onto my Windows XP system.
I ran the download direct from the Quicktime site, and the intallation got stuck in a loop.
I stopped it, then uninstalled my old version of Quicktime, then tried again. This time, I saved the download.
However, when I ran the program I hit an error message:

InstallShield 1607: Uable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime.

Has anyone got any ideas as to what this means and what I might do? I have the latest Direct X, and my system is fairly new. But now I don't have any version of Quicktime!

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Hi Jado,

Thanks for the link. It turned out that my system was running "multiple instances of Msiexec.exe or IDriver.exe"

I finally got it installed! Thanks again.

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