Hey, i have windows xp with sp2. I have an usb device that makes it possible to use Playstation gamepads to pc. Is calle super joybox5, first time i connected it and installed the driver it worked perfect. Then I had not played with it for 2weeks, and when i tried playing with it, there were no response, så i tried re connecting it, tried another usb port, and tried installing the driver again, but nothing seems to help. In the control panel-gameunits, i cant fint the gamepad. When i connect the device i get this message: "Usb device was not recognized. One of the usb devicec connected to this computer, dont work normal or was not recognized by windows." Anyone who has an idea on what to do? Please help me, im getting desparat.

Sorry if my english isnot the best.

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The controller could have gone bad or your USB port could have gone bad.

Try using it in a different computer, if it works, then its probably your computer that is at fault.


im almost sure is my computer, but what can i do. I have some other stuff in the usb ports, and none of them have any problems


yeah just tried today, And i did not work :D, so I have so use my qurantee or whats is called on english. Thanks for the help

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