Hello daniweb,
i am currently working on setting up linux, and i need some help making a partition.
When making a particion, this happened:
i need to combine the 2 ubuntu partitions to acually install it on that partition. i was wondering how to do this.
Thanks, Quinnifir

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The other one (the last partition) was probably for swapping purpose. It doesn't need to be combine with each other.

Since Recovery partition was in the middle of both linux partition, very likely you can't combine both until you delete the recovery partition. There was one program that could move partition by moving whole partition involved and transfer any unallocated space to another big unallocated space but I forgot where I found it.


I have used partition commander for quite a long time and it is very easy, flexible and can move, link or format partitions in almost any way. This is not an advert, I have no axe to grind but it also allows you to view all the proposed changes before you do them.

It made a lot of sense to me when I could see what I was going to do and prevented troubles.
best of luck

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