Hello everyone,

Live Update 2005 crashed my computer. I installed the update and it took forever (I just renewed). Then it needed to restart and I did that and it seemed like everything was working okay. Then, turned the computer off for the night, turned it back on and it said something like a registry file was not found but it was found in an alternate location (something like that) click okay, I clicked okay. It did this to me again and I clicked okay then it booted up to the desktop and shortly thereafter it turned to a black screen with white letters stating no operating system. I did this over and over again four times. On the fifth time it just booted to the black and white hp invent screen with press esc to change boot order, press f2 to enter setup f12 to boot from Lan. It won't go anywhere else - what should i do? I called Norton and they won't have anything to do with me. My computer is over 1 year old, my cdrom drive is out of order. Any advise would be appreciated, I am using another computer now to try to get help.

In BIOS make sure the boot sequence has the Hard Drive as the first boot device. Then try again. If this time it doesn't give you the option to press F2 but goes to a black screen you solved the first part of the problem.

Next try hitting F8 while the computer boots. If you get to an Windows Advanced Option Menu choose Safe Mode if you don't you have to get your cd rom working before you can do anything.