I have a dell gx 270 pc SFF . And it was giving my lcd maximum resolution of 1280 by 1024. however, i got a new lcd screen and i need it to give me 1080 by 1920 resolution. I dont understand which type of video card i will need to give me that. All i know is that the motherboard has a pci slot. I went on ebay and typed "pci video cards" and it showed several results. But they were all different kinds. If anyone has a good idea on this, id really appreciate the help. I want to buy one of ebay because it is much cheaper. I need more than one thats why.

Thanks in advance

EDIT- here is the image of my motherboard slots i have. I am a complete noob, but i think this is pci slot but i may be wrong.


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You have 2 options, the green one is actually the AGP slot, which is a lot more powerful than the white PCI slot (in bandwidth wise), you are also limited by the height as the SFF only takes half height cards, the nearest I can think of is the HD-3450, the 4650 is a much better option but its more expensive as well as more heat, which may cook your computer if not careful.

Heres the info on the HD 3450

heres a link to ebay, note the extra low profile bracket included.


Believe it or these towers were never meant/or built to run a video card ,just to use the onboard video .having said that as lonk as you make so it get more cool air it should be fine . They are at best built to be used in banks and other institutions ,and don't get used hard and usually only ran a 15 inch monitor ,at present i use a optiples 720 and can only get 1680x1050 from the onboard video .

i had a dell 620 sff and it took a pci-e card so i put it in and it kept freezing up ,so i had to drill a bunch of small hole in the side cover ,

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Hi , I presume you have a wide screen display - I suggest first of all install the display monitor "driver" (really an inf file) this will positively identify the monitor spec to Windows , then set the resolution
the onboard graphics supports to your desired resolution

gx270 SFF specs


i865G chipset


page 13 onboard analogue display support max 2048 x 1536

however for digital out will need a video card but i suggest try the onboard device first - and if ok, spend the money on a good 5.1 video card


OP hasn't returned in 12 days ,unless they are gone on a 2 week vacation they likely never will return .


ps - regarding your image 256 mainboard gx270 : you won't be viewing anything unless you reconnect the Power Connector 12VConnector (next to the cpu)


to caperjack : maybe did not connect the 12v connector ?

i think they just, maybe disconnect the psu to take the picture ,i guess we'll never know ,unless op returns

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