I have Windows XP, Home Edition. I have what I call a weird computer problem. Never ran across this before or ever heard of it.

I can highlight stuff I want to copy with the mouse, right click my mouse and choose copy, and then right click to paste wherever I want it.


The way I used to do it was highlight and do "Ctrl" + C, and then "Ctrl" + V to paste, especially in my word processing documents. I would hit F8 and use the arrow keys to highlight all I wanted, and then copy and paste. (I am old-school and like keyboard commands.) :lol:

Well, starting yesterday for some reason it will not let me do "Ctrl" + C to copy. The computer makes a "beep" sound instead and does not copy. I try "Ctrl" + V to check it and it just beeps and does not paste.

It is doing this both on the internet and in the Word Perfect program we have.

It was working just fine the other day, so I don't know what the heck has happened. :sad:

I ran a virus scan again and rebooted, and neither thing worked.

Any ideas? Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

Can you create a new user account, and see if it works there?

It might be possible you've got something going on with your Ctrl key, even. I don't suspect a virus, not just yet. Also, does it work in Notepad?

Same problem here:

How to solve:
1 Go to Control Panel;
2 Open 'Administrative Tools';
3 Open 'Services';
4 Put 'Network DDE DSDM' service on automatic and start it;
5 Put 'Network DDE' service on automatic and start it;
6 Put 'ClipBook' service on automatic and start it;

Try CTRL+C now!

I hope this will be useful.

I dont use CTRL-C really,its easier to RIGHT CLICK and choose copy :)

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