Hey... something I've always wondered.

For some reason, one day, this stopped working for me.

When you right click (or click drag upwards) an icon of a running program in Windows 7, you get a menu. By default, there is a section in that menu marked "tasks" which allow you to manipulate the program without actually bringing up the window. For example, with Skype, the menu reads:

Sign out
Quit Skype
Launch Skype
Pin this program to taskbar
Close Window

Whenever I click "Pin ... taskbar" it does just that. But when I click an option in the "tasks" section, it opens windows explorer into my C:\Windows\system32 directory (and does nothing else). Any idea why this is happening? How can I fix this?


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You can find the Windows Experience Index dialog box in Windows 7 by going to Control Panel, clicking on System and Security, and then clicking on Check the Windows Experience Index.Unfortunately, Windows 7 Aero requires a higher version of DirectX than previous versions of Windows. If you’re running Windows 7 in a virtual environment like VMWare, Virtual PC 2007, or VirtualBox, sadly you will not be able to enable the Aero feature in Windows 7

This might also be helpful


I am not using a Virtual Machine, and I did not have a previous version of windows installed on my PC.

Please clarify; I can use Windows Aero Themes with no problem, but why is the system32 folder opening? Why isn't the task executing? And how can I fix it?

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i think the other post just want to post that link ,as nothing he said was relevant to you question ,
i don't have an answer. but have a question .does it only do this with Skype or with all programs that are opened on the taskbar .


OK, that sounds like something has played with the registry for you. I am going to have a play with my computer and I will see if I can replicate the error.

If I can replicate it, I can fix it...

bear with me please, I am listening to you!



if you try this:
Do a FULL System Restore Backup Point RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

there is a zip file below.

now. I want you to look for this file:


does it exist?
if it doesn't, then that is your answer. It is included in the zip file I will attach in a minute. you may need to drop into safe mode (there are 10 million tutorials on how to do that, google is your friend, please) and then add this file to your C:\Windows\system32\ folder.

next to it are the reg keys that I found that seem relevant. They are all imported into one .reg file that you click on to import.

import that at your own risk.
It should reset the taskbar pin-to settings to default, try as a last resort, I guess.
will only work in safemode.

there is an image below that shows you the details of my copy of that .dll file:

right click on the file in YOUR C:\Windows\system32 and see if it matches (the dates will be different)

the filesize of mine is:
(win7 home prem x32)
228 KB (233,472 bytes)

if yours is different, there may be a problem. try copying mine over yours (in safe mode)

that is all I can think of at the moment.

please post back with your results!

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Very good at problem-solving, and willing to screw up his own computer to find the problem with mine. Makes detailed, easy to read posts. Simply, a great member of the community.

Sorry for taking a while to reply, this was pretty far down on my to-do list, but I got to it! (See, you ARE important!)

Caperjack: No, it works with everything.

Hotmatrixx: One question before I do this...
What do you mean "will only work in safe mode," will it still work afterwards?
And do I really need to import the .reg? Or will the .dll just be enough?


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"It will only work in safe mode" - what I mean is you can only apply the changes if you are in safe mode, as the files will be locked and in use if you are in normal mode.

Once the changes are made, it will also make changes in the normal mode too, not just in safe mode.

The .reg is probably more imprtant than the .dll, as it is the registry that tells explorer what to do once you have clicked the button - unless the .dll was missing, and then that would be the problem and you may not need to import the .reg

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