I use Windows Security Essentials but it let me down badly yesterday when a Trojan Downloader (TrojanDownloader:Java/OpenConnection.J) got by and played havoc with the system.
Also let through other severe viruses.
How can I stop this happening again?
How can I close that open connection?

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I am using Avast and I am highly satisfied with it.

I used Avast for a few years until Microsoft Security Essentials came along.
Never had any problems with Avast.
Strongly considering going back to it, although I think that Security Essentials
would be considered a superior product by a lot of users.

Nothing on the market can bulletproof a system, I work with lots of workstations using various AV software, ESET is a good one but cost a bit to purchase, Avast by far has the best features and speed, one of the best feature is the Boot-time scan. other than that, most are good to use, except those that comes in a yellow box or red box....

Will look into that.
Appreciate having your views.
Many thanks.

My suggestion is Kaspersky.... it has never let me down, and believe me i have used my laptop in the harshest of environments....

I use Kaspersky 6.0

Many thanks.
It enjoys a very good reputation and I think that it is well worth a try.

except those that comes in a yellow box or red box....

i think for clarity,and newbies to computer security they should be named ,Norton and McAfee

Thanks caperjack.
Always appreciate having your comments.
Best wishes.

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