A bit of a weird one here envolving Windows Server 2003. The server in question holds loads of data which is accessed by both PC's and Macs. The problem we are having is that some files are invisible to our Mac users. For example there may be a folder Called "Overseas Travel" and within that there are 3 word docs, Windows users can see the files but the macs cant. The only way we have got round this is to drag the files into a new folder then copy them back into the original folder, this resolves the problem and the mac users are able to see them again! Any help would be most apreciated!



You might have an OS issue, and / or a permissions issue. Is your W2K3 server completely patched and up to date?

The next time this happens, have the Windows user login on a Mac, and see if the file permissions are correct. If there is a permission problem, then the Mac users need more rights. It is possible that your Windows administrator is moving the files from one volume to another, and when that happens, the permissions are inherited from the parent folder. I would verify both NTFS and sharing permissions, as they can collide and cause a problem.

If the Windows user cannot see the files on the Mac, then there is something else at work. It is possible that the files are not refreshing until the administrator moves them.

WIthout testing, such as having different users place the files there to begin with, and mixing up the results a bit, I cannot say too much more. I will also try to simulate this at home.


Make sure that the Everyone user has Allow full access on the Security tab and the Sharing tab in the properties of the folder that you can't see on Macs.

Verify the same thing for one of the files inside it.

We have had a look into permissions and they are all ok, any other ideas are most welcome!


I am having the same problem at work. I see this post is a few years old, but in searching the web for the problem I am having, I came across this post. I am on a Mac running Leopard and I connect to an NT server. My computer can not always see what is inside of certain folders, and it seems random. Does anyone have any ideas? I also have a problem throwing folders away off of the folders, again, randomly.
Thanks for any help!