When i close a window it leaves a trail as though there are loads of the same window open, i,ve had this b4 and it was a virus but i,ve done a full scan and nothing!Defrag the lot

Sounds like spyware to me try downloading ewido this will find nearly all spyware programs that have infected your computer that other spyware and even anti virus software will fail to pick up download a free trial from here see what it finds http://www.ewido.net/en/ Hope this is helpfull

Hey Dougie to get this fixed go to System Properties/Advanced, Performance Settings and put a dot in Optimize for performance.

Tried both methods and A ok chaps! Thanx again!
At the rate we are going i'll have the fastest pc in the western world lol! (i wish) I just have lots of little probs but never seem to have the time to sort tilll now