I recently had to change my motherboard and re-install win 7. So far so good, I had all my program install files on a back up hdd except one, and thats where it goes pear shaped. I have rapid php, but only the files of the previously installed copy, I copied them into the program files directory, and with a shortcut on the desktop, all works fine, except I can't associate files to it. If I right click a php file and click 'open with' rapid is not on the list, and even if i browse to the .exe and click on it it is ignored and does not come up on the list. Any suggestions?

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I may be a bit confused, but I hope I can help.

Microsoft recommends re-installing all programs before restoring files. If I understand you correctly, you did that, but you only re-installed the newest version of the program and have files associated with the old version. Right?

Most file association errors go away when you simply re-install the program. I wouldn't think that "Program Files" would be the best directory to store your files in though... Is that where the program stores them by default? If you're unsure, I would just put them in a folder on the root directory.

Let us know what you find out, so we can help you through it.

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Not quite what I meant, techsheaven, I Did a clean install of win 7 and formatted the HDD, had all the setups for all the programs I use on another drive except rapid php, there I only had a copy of the previously installed version. Not being able to find the original key, I just copied the files into Program files, where it had originally resided, but now, although the program works perfectly, I cannot associate files (i.e .php or .htm) to it.
I have, however just discovered phpcoder, which is as good, so I may just continue with that.


did you try using Default Programs in the control panel to fix the association

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