I reset my computer 2 days ago, and now it keeps freezing for like a second or two, and then it functions normally. I have barely any programs running.

Microsoft Security Essentials
and internet or minecraft (on worst settings to make sure it doesn't lag)

and it freezes. According to my computer I am using 2.18 gigs of ram out of 4. and my cpu usage stays between 1 and 10%

How can I reduce this lag. Before I reset it I didn't have any problems like this.

Thanks for any help.

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after the reinstall did you install latest device drivers and run windows updates .was the reinstall from dvd or from a recovery partition .
maybe some info on what type of computer you are using will help ,brand name and model ,what version of windows ,desktop or laptop ,ect ect

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Toshiba satellite U500. I reset to factory mode using the recovery disk that it asks you to create when you boot it up the first time. Windows updates automatically ran, but it failed to install them correctly. Windows Vista is what I am using. Laptop.


Let me know is the problem resolved? If not, I think that it could be a malware or conflicting programs issue.check the fix here

i checked that link and my suggestion would be to stay away ,it just points you to a scanning program called Reimage ,and i didn't go all the way but it wants you to download ,scan/pay/then fix .so i suggest to all you see the link to stay away, wanted to add that when i went to the site and click on a link about my computer freezes it make it said hi im Mike from Sydney Canada ,I to am from the Sydney area ,so it making it look like someone in my area uses the program . Crap

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The computer is still freezing sometimes, but now it is really slow. I am pretty sure it is the Microsoft security essentials that slowed it down, and freezes it. I have tried uninstalling using control panel, but it doesn't let me. I have tried the Fix It thing, which gets rid of it from the control panel, but I am not sure if it deleted it. Any suggestions or thoughts about what can speed this computer up?

The rate of speed I am talking about is 10-15 mins to open a file, or control panel, 15-30 mins to open an internet browser, etc.

What could have caused this problem, and what could I do t fix it?

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