I went on my copmputer the other days and tried to get on internet eplorer. But it wouldnt load up i pressed diagnose problem but no problem came up

Just before i went on to my programs and internet explorer did not appear so i dont now if i have some how deleted it. Please can you either tell me how to reinstall it somehow or try to reset it but i have already tried to reset it so.


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eh...you can also click control panel->uninstall a program->turn windows features on or off-> then uncheck to uninstall,click ok,
then do same thing to reinstall IE8
(if you are using windows7; you might need install disc if your using something else)

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YOu can install other web browsers like what Twiss said. Judging from your case, it might be a malware problem. You might want to do a malware scan later.


If you have updated recently it could be that the shortcut is not associated with Internet Explorer.

Try this. Click the start menu and type "iexplore" without the quotes and hit enter. If it works you just need to re do the shortcut.

Good luck


*But I would install Google Chrome instead....:-)

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Wow. Smart question, what would his OS be? It's posted in "Vista and 7" and IE5.5 for Mac has been discontinued ages ago.


I figure if his OS would be vista it would seems right because vista has a lot of problems


You are right too, but now as much as vista. I think vista is even worse than xp. Well it seems we are going off topic.

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