It wouldn't supprse me at all if (in efforts to make a more elaborate product in these quasi-modernistic over-saturated times) Microsoft did put some silly option like an option to remove (delete!) files on your system if the file is not used for a preset amount of time. (a stupid option, not to mention harmfull)

If this is a case please let us know.

(If they (Microsoft) changed from that fine-working "Find" option from Win98 Explorer to that "let's buggy" XP style, then everything is possible (so I ask))

(I guess that HD sound when you left your computer (Win XP) untouched for a while is defragmenting or file sysem maintanance or something, but still... I ask)

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So - what's the answer - does Windows XP has a task to delete all files that weren't accessed for a preset amount of tme anywhere on hard-drive?


OK. Just checking. Because I don't trust it.

Just asking? Why would you think of such a question unless you suspected Windows of deleting a file without your request for it to do so? If you have files that are mysteriously disappearing, either you have some malicious code (i.e. virus) or some malicious person (i.e. child, roommate, sibling, person with access to your files through the network, etc) accessing your files.

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