Please help!

Have recently installed windows XP on a 4 your old Packard Bell imedia PC. (upgrade on Windows me) the mouse and Keyboard are connected via usb ports and in the main don't work so can not access pc at all!

and in the main don't work so can not access pc at all!

Can you please elaborate / clarify this ?

Thanks :D

basically when I switch computer on most of the time on the windows xp welcome screen where I have to select the user to carry on the mouse and keyboard just don't work at all so I can't log on and have to turn the pc off. I sometimes have to do many times and then one time when I switch on the mouse and keyboard are ok and I can carry on a use the pc!

run down to the store and buy a usb>ps/2 converter. Looks like a usb flash drive but with a female usb connection on one end and ps/2 connection on the other end. If that doesnt work well buy a ps/2 keyboard dont worry about the mouse you can still use the usb mouse once your done. ok follow these steps once you have found a ps/2 keyboard.
1. plug it in.
2. when you boot your machine go into cmos setup then make sure usb isnt disable which is probably the case
Hope that helps.

If you think you have USB2.0 ports, try this, if you can get there.

Right click My Computer, go properties.

Hardware Tab then device manager. If you've got ? next to any devices your missing drivers. I'm thinking that you may be missing USB2.0 drivers, as they don't always automatically pick up even on XP.

If this is the case, either install from a setup disk or download them from your motherboard manufacturer I would of thought.

If you think there just knackered, how about buying a USB PCI card.