Hi everyone, I'm HaloGal. I'm not a computer genius, but I know enough to get by LOL
I have a problem with my mother's computer. We want to reformat the computer, but we do not have a restore disk (not included in her computer package I guess). It's Windows ME, an OS I hate with a passion LOL
Could someone please tell me how to do a reformat for it?

ReFormatting requires either a restore disk, or a windows disk.... formatting is the processes of removing everything, period. So, if you remove everything (format) and don't have the CD to put the stuff that you took off back on (windows) then you are left with a hard-drive that has nothing on it.

I have all the disks to put everything back in, the OS, monitor, programs and such. I just don't have the disk to wipe to the hard drive. I know my niece has ME and had to call tech support at Microsoft and be walked, step by step, of the reformating process. I was hoping to avoid this, but I may not be able to :(

I have done this already, but it doesn't clear the hard drive. Only reinstalls Windows ME. Guess I'm going to have to call Microsoft LOL Thanks anyway :)

I never advise calling them.... you have tried /booting/ to the CD?

What do I have to do to do that?

You put the CD in the drive, then you shut off the computer, and then you turn the computer on..... it should start to the CD. If not, then you might have to go into the BIOS (that silly, press del to enter setup thing) and tell it to boot to the CD-Rom drive.... then, it should (in theory) load the setup.

Ok, I have written this down and will mess with it tomorrow. I have a headache trying to fix the danged thing LOL I will let you know what happens tomorrow :) Thanks bunches!

A friend of mine sent me the instructions on reformating a computer with Windows ME without a restore disk, and we now have a reformated hard drive. If I may, I can add a new thread with the instructions for anyone having the same problem.

I will do that :) Thanks again!