Hi All,

I'm kinda suck with a problem i have. My parents have a PC that is on a internet connection that has a dynamic address. I VNC and connect to this machine remotly all the time.

The issue is the IP address changes every 4 hrs. I'm trying to think of a way to get this PC to send me a email every 4 hrs so i can get the IP out of the email headers.

Thanks In advance.


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You could build a program that automatically sends you the IP as the subject and or content of the e-mail... this saves you the hassle of having to parse the header....

do you have an e-mail account on an SMTP server of some kind (not a web based)?


ya i have a mail account on smtp.accesscomm.ca....The problem that I see is finding a application that will email me every 4 hrs

Thanks for your responce


Standby... Working on it.

You don't by chance have a server that hosts web sites or anything do you? (so that you could have the IP uploaded to your server instead of by e-mail?)


Absolutely, if you have CGI ability, I can build a small page, and every 4 hours I can make the app on their system (guessing it's windows, right?) navigate to the small CGI, and pass it their IP. Then you could either log in and get the file, or if you set permissions, could surf to it, and get their IP. This simplifies having to sift through time stamped e-mails too. So, the IP would always be updated... let me know.

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