I can not start my desktop. It is a 2-3 year old Dell with XP home on it5. For the last week or so, I was getting a message about my page file not being found or big enough. zLast night when I tried to start my desktop, all I get is "a disc read error has occured". It also sounds loke nothing is trying to start up (no spinning of hard drive, etc).

Does anyone have any ideas? I am not very technical but can follow directions pretty good.



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Turn the computer on and put in the top drive the blue cd called: Driver and Utilities that was shipped with your Dell.

Turn off the computer and then turn it back on and as soon as you see the initial Dell logo start hitting F12 every second.

That will get you to a new screen asking you if you want to boot from the hardrive or if you want to boot from the cd. Choose boot from cd.

Next you should have an option for 32 bit diagnostics. Run that and see what errors show up.

Thank you, I tried that and got 30 errors.

2 "Confidence Test" with a result code "0F00-1344" that said "unrecoverable data error or media is write protective".

14 "read tests" with a result code "0F00-0244" that said "unrecoverable data error or media is write protective".

2 "read tests" with a result code "0F00-0244" that said "address mark not found or media error".

12 "disk - verify test" with error code "0F00-1A44" that said "unrecoverable data error or media is write protective".

Am I looking at a hard disc that is trashed?



I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with your hdd. Try first reseating it and if your computer still can't boot from it change it.

Solution 3: If you do not have Windows Recovery CD, you can use Spotmau PowerSuite BootCare CD. It can boots up your computer and perform some auto repair.

Solution 4; If you tried above three solutions and still can not get your system back to work. I would highly recommend you to reinstall your system. If you have important data, you need to transfer your data out first. How to do this? Use Spotmau bootable CD to boot up the computer and then use its data transfer function.

Your system files are definitely damaged. This type of problems could be caused by power failure, virus infection, or bad sectors on your hard drive.

The first you need to do it boot up your computer first. Then start repairing your problems. I would recommend following solutions to you:

Solution 1: Use your Windows Recovery CD to repair your system.
Solution 2:
Open the recovery console and Select the operating system you wish to use. Once prompted for the password, enter the Admin password and press enter, type "bootcfg /rebuild" to start the rebuild process. Then type "fixboot". Please do as the screen instruction tells.

Spotmau PowerSuite BootCare CD is a very good program but you must pay for it. You can also use the Ultimate Boot CD for no cost. Go to...

Come on! Greg, pls try these three methods in this article I recommend you.

Hope it can resovle your problem.

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