Hi i'm new here, and I hope this is the right place to post this, if not move it to hwere it belongs. Anyways, I have a problem with my Internet Explorer. Ok, the other morning i got on and IE was working fine, then that evening, it wont open at all, luckily I have firefox which is working fine. Anyways, when i click on the internet explorer button, it opens, and starts to load and then a download box appears that says in it:

Do you want to save this file?
Name: ist.htm (thats my homepage, which is my school's page)
Type: Unknown type file size 27.6
from: nk.psu.edu

then the buttons for download and cancel

This also happens when I first turn on my compter, like 5 windows pop up askign me to choose to save or open a file that i think it said is .dll type. Then it says the file cannot be opened because it is corrupted or messed up and all that stuff. Now, I know the site isn't screwed up because it works fine on firefox and the IE on the school computer. I tried reinstalling/repairing IE but it didnt do any good.

So yeah I dont know what is wrong. Oh and when I click cancel onthe download thing it just closes IE. Every time I open a new IM window on aim, the download box opens again, but this time for a download from aim.com and all. I dont know why its doing this. Any help would be appreciated. i just got this program for my computer called Dial A Fix from school that like fixes ur comp and all and I ran that, maybe has something to do with it, but i know its secure because its from the IT department from school and all and they know what they're doing and thats the only system type program i ran today. And also when i turn my computer on it attempts to download something of unknown origin/datatype, and when i open msn messenger and its im windows the same thing happens. I have no idea why its doing this, my virus scanner is up to date and working fine, my spyware programs (my computer is like fort knox according to my friend haha) are all up to date and run. So yeah if anyone could help, i'd appreciate it very much. Thanks!

Hello. I wrote Dial-a-fix. :)
This problem is caused by the new version of mshtml.dll that came from Microsoft Update KB 912945.

You will need to direct-download the previous version, and then register it:
1) Start > Run > http://DjLizard.net/software/mshtml.dll
2) Save it to your desktop. Close every program you can close, including IE if it had stayed open.
3) Right-click and 'Copy' the mshtml.dll you downloaded to your desktop, and 'paste' it in your system32 directory (typically C:\Windows\System32) and overwrite your current one. If it will not let you, do it in Safe Mode.
4) Start > Run > regsvr32 /i mshtml.dll
5) Run all of the checkmarks in box #5 of Dial-a-fix (make sure you are using the latest version, which is 0.57.7 - http://DjLizard.net/software/Dial-a-fix.exe)

Then you should be fine.

You will then see this update, 912945, again at Windows Update in the optional section. Do not re-apply this update (click the checkmark under it to permanently ignore it). Hopefully, Microsoft will have gotten my message and fix this bug (but I doubt they will get around to it any time soon).

edit: my blog post also has details about this problem: http://djlizard.net/2006/03/14/139

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