I have a friend who recently bought a new Dell PC (unsure of the exact spec) but it has windows 7 with 4gb Ram and as it is a new machine runs quite well. however Recently she has had issues with the machine randomly freezing. I have witnessed this and cannot link it to any specific activity. She had recently installed Windows live mail and AVG 2012. As these were the only recent things she ahd changed i decided to try remoring them incase of compatibility issues somewhere. I removed Windows live mail and tried to remove AVG (As i notice shed was already running trend micro internet security and thought they may be conflicting) however when i tried to remove AVG the machine froze and was unresponsive. When i pushed control+Alt delete to kill the process i received error - "the logon process was unable to display security and logon options when control alt delete was pressed. if the operating system does not respond ,press esc or restart the computer using the power switch".

I pushed esc to no avail so was forced to power off the machine. since then she has had similar problems with the machine freezing and when control alt delete is pressed (after about 5 mins) the above error is displayed and the machine has to be powered off.

My questions are:-

could potential conflict between avg 2012 and trend micro internet security be causing the freezing?
Why am i unable to uninsall AVg 2012 - every time i try i reicieve the same problem. - i even tried using the unsinstaller via ccleaner but had the same issue.

Grateful if someone could get back to me to advise further.


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Yes, you should never run two antivirus clients (with real time scanning) at the same time. You can run into these issues. You may want to boot the computer into safe mode and perform a system restore to an earlier period of time if you find that you are unable to disable one of the products so that you can uninstall it.


Instead of pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE in order to bring up the logon screen.
Have you tried CTRL + SHIFT + ESC which runs your taskmanager without going to logon screen, and from there try to end the program?

Hope that helps.


I am having the exact same problem with 1 year old Dell Inspiron 570 with 6 GB Drive. If you find a solution, I'd love to hear it. The freezing is happening as frequently as every 20 minutes and lasts for anywhere from 10 second to nearly 2 minutes. Exasperating!


to provencalcal : you mean 6GB system memory ? I suggest run memtest86 or Windows memory tester or the vendor supplied system tester to test installed ram memory although seems more like a resource hog issue , a program periodically taking to much resources
I suggest monitor processes from task mamnger as you use your computer normally and note during a halt what process is excessively active

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