Hello guys, I am using Avast free version. Recently i tried to mail one of my file from google by archiving it in RAR format. I do regular scans and use external devices carefully. My antivirus didnt detect it as virus but google do. Its almost impossible as avast is one of the top antivirus. Now I want your comments on this case.

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It depends. Google might think it's a "Hack tool" or something, not just a virus, and thus might detect it and deny you sending it while your virus scanner might not care about it, since it's a user tool. I don't know otherwise, but I personally wouldn't go with avast, and would use MSE or AVG from personal experience. And it's always possible to get past an anti-virus solution, that's what "Zero Day" attacks and malware are for.


Thanks! So there is no need to worry in this case?

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Actually its been more than 6years i am using avast. I never had any problem. In last 1 year my PC got affected totally by my mistake. N my every folder was containing copy of virus but using AVAST I cleared all the disk. And best part was i didnt loss any data n everything was fine.
Your comments pls????

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