Okay here is my dilema. I am trying to transfer files between my laptop (vista) and my desktop (Windows 7) over the internet, through network and sharing center settings, and do it with privacy. You might think that the solution to this would be easy, as one would think turning on password protected sharing would do it. That does not seem to be the case.

Ultimately, what I want is a username and password prompt to appear when someone tries to click on my computer through the shared network. I feel like I have tried every combination of settings within the network and sharing center options, yet when I am on one or the other computer, looking into the other through the network, it doesn't prompt me for my username and password!! I know it can be done because I have clicked on other computers which do not belong to me and are on the same network, and the prompt appears! Why for them, and not me? If I am on my laptop looking into my desktop, no prompt. If I am on my desktop looking into my laptop, no prompt. Frankly, I don't really understand what the password protected sharing option is for if it does not prompt you for the information immediately upon clicking on a computer which is supposed to have it.

That being said, I do know how to "share" and "unshare" files and folders and limit what can be seen. But that does not solve my problem. I have files I wish to transfer, but some of them contain personal information that I don't want broadcasted.

What I want is a username and password prompt. That way if there is any accessing being done from another computer, only I can do it. Can it be done??

Many thanks in advance.

If both computers have the same username and password, you are not going to be prompted. Additionally when you share the resource, I assume that you are not providing access to Everyone or the guest account. Additionally, you should also be aware that being prompted for credentials just deals with the authentication portion of the process. It sounds like you are tyring to secure the transfer of information. Password protecting a share does not encrypt the transport. You should be aware of that, if that indeed is your objective.

To secure the transport, you have to implement a different solution such as secure FTP, or a VPN tunnel between the two computers, IPSEC, or even the target system running a web server, and you force an HTTPS connection when connecting to it.