Ok, so i uninstalled fix it 9 from my computer manually by removing files and such. when i went to reinstall my computer it won't start. i mean it will turn on, but i get this error saying windows cannot restart your computer. then this startup repair thingy pops up and says "system repair cannot repair this computer automatically." What can i do? i've tried several things. i need help.

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If you are using a Laptop, ( Windows 7 ) you can use the Auto Recovery Feature by pressing F11, If you are Installing from a DVD you can repair the OS.

hi airguitarman,

I guess you should try repairing with your Windows7 disc.

Tell me if you are able to get it working.

Can you boot into safe mode?

what version of operating system you are..?

Why bother replying to an old thread, check the dates of the last post next time!

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