I have been everywhere; Steam and Activision forums. I cant find the thing that fix my problem, Here is my problem.
I have also contacted steam directly.



System specifications:

Operating System: windows 7 home premium 64 bit
CPU: Intel Core i7 @ 1.73 GHz
Hard Disk: 581 GB

When i play Moder Warfare 3 (multiplayer or singleplayer) for about 30 minutes to an hour, my computers screen just truns balck and my computer shuts down. I have noticed that my RAM usage is very high when i run the game. it once even went up to 3.75 GB.
So i dont know if it is becuase my RAM gets to full.

It never did this untill recantly when it crashed but didnt shut down my computer that time. Since that it crashed and shuts down my computer.

This has hapened before, the exact same thing.
i fixed it by reinstalling my Opereating system.

This time it isnt a option becuase i have to much data to backup and loos.

When i run my computer normaly without the game it uses between 1.00 GB and 1.70 GB of RAM


Things i have tried:

Uninstalled and reinstalled Modern Warfare 3.
Uninstalled and reinstalled Steam.
Note* Uninstalled them both with revo-uninstaller.
Used CCleaner to clean my registry.
Refreshed the game cache.


Things that helped a little bit:

CCLeaner helped a bit, that i could play my game for about two hours longer, but after that it did the same.

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No idea... I've got A Dual Core Processor and a 2 GB Ram and was able to play the game without a problem... Switch off all unnecessary things.. Like for example : The windows sidebar.. Thats a pain.. takes up unnecessary ram space.. Switch of all downloads.. Web browsers, music players etc.. If none of this works.. There could be a problem with your computer overheating.. and the RAM not being cooled too fast... Used to happen to me sometimes when my computer would just suddenly switch off.. Figured out that was a problem of overheating of the system.. The fan had stopped working.. The computer does that automatically to prevent spoilage of hardware.... For how many hours do u run ur system in a day ?

Thanks man i figured it out, my CPU overheated.

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