Hi there, I've got a new Thinkpad. The seller just devide the HDD into 2 partitions. I heard that using 3rd party software to create new partition will lose the path of the ThinkVantage to Recovery Partition.
So, i wanna know how to create new partition in Disk Management?
Attached image show that I can shrink volume C more tham 25MB while it has128GB free space.
Please show me how to shrink more, i just need 70GB for C:
Thanks in advanced

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Thanks U! But did U see my image yet?
I tended to shrink, but only 25MB can be shrinked! I wanna more than 25MB :(


it all depends on how big your hard drive is, how full it is, and the unmoveable files. I have a 1 T hard drive with very little on it so when I srank it I got another partition with over 1/2 T.

You need to clean up your hard drive -- it has too much shit on it. Delete all the internet temp files and download files. If that isn't enough you will have to start uninstalling stuff or archive off files that you don't use, such as pictures and music.

I don't know where you live but here in USA you can buy usb flash drives that have several gig space, and you can use that to archive off some of your files.

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Ok i will try another way... Because in "My Computer", C:\ has a text "138GB free of 174GB"

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