I need a software that will just block websites (all websites) but at the same time I want to use P2P software like utorrent. Is there any technique or free software available? I coudnt find any free software on the net. I am using Windows 7.

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If its for personal use, you may want to check out Blue Coat's K9 application..its free. It does a very good job of blocking web sites automatically based on the categories you set, or you can manually add the sites you wish to block.


you can actually block them all right from your browser w/ no app. And allow the one you want. Check it out, If need help setting it up hit us back.

@Bskills I just want to block all the websites i.e. when I will try to browse through IE or Firefox the website do not load. But I want to use torrent at the same time. Any suggestion? Please share link if there is any free cool software.

Can you not just use your default gatewat to carry out some form of Url Filtering?

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If you change your default gateway on the local machine and modfiy it to a bogus IP, you will completely disable the computer from reaching any hosts past the local subnet.

Also, while you can allow/block using the Native IE browser, you may not have this option if the user decides to install a different browser.

The better approach is to install an endpoint application that is between the OS and app (browser) layer that the end user has no way to access the settings.

The best option is to implement URL filtering or firewall/proxy at the edge of the network to handle these concerns.

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Well actually, you can use "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" and just block port 80 in and out. Done. That's a built in windows addition so just read up a little on how to use it (it's not so straight forward) and you'll be fine.

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You might not need a software to do that, you can block any website by adding the site to your host file, I've done it before and it worked for me

Thanks omoba for your reply but I cannot add millions of websites one by one in the host file. I just need a software that will only block all the websites. Also I am not familier with hostfiles.

port 80 in and out. D

Did you take a look at K9? It will work across all browsers do your users cannot bypass it.

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torrent your using a client right ?? Not browser ?? If so, good. Then just block all sites with something like a * symbol to block all when using browser app.

Let me see if i see what your saying / asking. So basically you want to block all websites from showing up on your browser or anyway. ?? Or do you mean to block access completely from your computer not just browser ?? (NOTE: Attn. This will block all update set to automatic or not) Because the sites or updates will not be able to reach & get through to the computer.

Let me kno futher and i can help you the rest of way probaly.. ;-)

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