hello everyone,

i am not sure if this is the right place to post this, and if not, please tell me where i should post this.

one of my kids just wanted to show me a video on their laptop, about half way through the video, the sound started beeping and i held down the power button of the laptop to make it stop. i am now unable to start the laptop again. i have tried the windows diagnostics startup option (i get a black screen where i can choose between normal startup and diagnostics) but it freezes with my mouse in the center of the screen and the standard windows background.

if i try to start windows normally, it just reboots and i get back to the same menu.
i also tried to use the built in diagnostics by dell (press F12 on startup and then choose diagnostics) but that didn't work out either.

can anyone please help me? because i'm at a loss right here.

i can add you on skype so you can see the screen through webcam if you find that to be any easier.


i have some kind of startup fixing disct that has stuff like mini windows xp, mini linux, memory diagnostics and other tools. not sure what it's called but i got it from over here.

If you have a Windows 7 install CD/DVD you can boot from that. When the Install Windows page appears, click Repair your computer to access system recovery options. I hope this helps.

oh wait, it's doing something, but very very very slowly

nope, it crashed again D:

I would suggest you select commnad prompt from the w7 install DVD then run chkdsk c: /f , next run scandisk c: and finally run sfc /scannow. you might also try fixboot or fixmbr, if not booting at all. At the first time you are ok, try installing CCLeaner and run clean it with all options marked except the last of avery group. next run registry clean of ccleaner. Good Luck...!!

You want to win 7 DVD or CD Insert the windows CD rebooted the computer and when you receive this message
(Press any key to boot from DVD or CD), press any key
Windows will then download the files and upload to show this image Click Here
Where we do not change anything and press the Next
Will show us Click Here
Watch the video: Click Here

Hey guys,

After staying up all night, i decided to just do a fresh install of windows.

Thanks for the help!