Suddenly my Laptop sound is not working. Even headphones are not working when I plug it to my laptop.

When I select sound from control panel it says 'No Audio Device'.

I have Ubuntu 10.04 installed along with windows XP. The sound has disappeared in ubuntu also.

Please help.

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Make sure that the drivers are installed, just in case you uninstalled them by accident. That would cause your sound device to not work. Otherwise, your device might have failed, though, chances are it hasn't, and if the problem persists, try taking it to the local PC repair shop and see if they can diagnose the problem without rebuilding your operating system.


Another aproach is to go into the Windows Device Manager, uninstall the device, have device manager rescan and it will locate the device again. provide windows with the most up to date drivers for this device.

I agree that it is unlikely that the sound hardware is damaged.


If you can get in to your bios, check if soundcard is enabled, if not enable it. a disabled soundcard in bios might cause the problem you have.

Gr Jeannot

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