Tried to download openoffice last week and I could not do it would only let me save the file, and then I did not know what to do next? I am using AVG free as my virus checker maybe it is stopping me? Today I tried to download some Auction software called Auctionic and the same pop up window came up saying save or cancel auctionic.exe which is a Binary File??? (1.9 MB) Help any suggestions in 'really basic terms' as I am pretty vague about computers, please thanks guys

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When you choose save, does it save the file to your drive? Then can you run the executable?


You may need to be an administrator to run it-but that usually allows you to run first and then stop you. Worst case just download it then run the file?


Its not your computer buddy its YOU, You dont know where to save or how to open saved files so please dont blame your nice computer.

When you save a file there is an option saying "Open File location" which basically tells you to open the file location in your hard drive based on the file (.exe.rar) double clicking on it will let you run it !


yes, my basic computer knowledge would certainly have something to do with this, so thanks for pointing that out. As well as the mentioned download issues, I often have a not responding message from Firefox, and sometimes a message to say Adobe is not working or flash player has stopped working, any ideas..? Are all these related and could it be a virus or maybe AVG free that is causing this for me? thanks


"Today I tried to download some Auction software called Auctionic and the same pop up window came up saying save or cancel auctionic.exe which is a Binary File??? (1.9 MB)" This is a common window, generally with the options to Run, Save, Cancel, Help. If you Run the software the application will be installed immediately it finishes downloading from the site (it will download to a temporary folder in your browser, and be deleted eventually, automatically). If you Save the file you get to nominate where it is saved, you get to keep it until you delete it, and you can install the software at your leisure by simply dclicking that file. Don't worry about it being a binary file, lots are.
Openoffice? Well, I would save the file to install, because it is a large file, of a size that I would not wish to have to download again for whatever reason. So, you simply Save, and then go to the folder where you save such things, and dclick that file, then follow the installation process.
As far as the Adobe, Flashplayer errors are concerned, well, perhaps you need to update or reinstal them after first uninstalling.
Firefox. Hmm. Uniinstall, download the latest version from the site, and reinstall.
Good luck. And everyone is new to computing at some stage.
MAy I suggest Opera as a browser? It employs a smart downloader, giving you the option to pause and resume such large downloads in some other session, even after a restart of your system. I find that very handy on occasion. Oh, and it is better than both IE and Firefox; it just has the problem that some sites won't follow the browser conventions absolutely, choosing to be compatible with IE first and foremost. Crikey.

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thanks, I will try as you say and reinstall Adobe and Flashplayer and uninstall firefox and install Opera, and give it a go. I thank you again, for you pleasant manner and advice, regards


In addition to what the other advice given says, Try downloading with Internet Explorer. This will help you determine if your problem is caused by your browser or the website.

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