I don’t know what is going on with my PC, it suddenly turns off it self and I don’t have a clue what could be the problem… I was not doing it before I have formatted and installed. Anybody with any idea.. please help coz it is driving me crazy.

Thank you,

What did you format and install, and was this before or after the computer started shuting down?

It used to be XPbefore i formatted and i formatted coz it was running slow then after i formatted and installed XP pro it started shutting down it self..it was not doing this before i formatted but i was running very slow.

PC is:


Is your computer a Asus S1 P111? The specs you listed just make the requirements for the XP Pro which would explain why it was slow. If you do have the S1 P111 you can increase its RAM up to 2GB of PC3200, and I would go for 512MB myself, it will speed things up nicely. How long does your computer run before it shuts down, does it go though the whole startup? Have you added any things else to it, like a different graphics card? This link will expain that this may not work: