hi, i need an idea. i need to create a video tutorial on installing any windows Operating System. can i use any software like camtasia on screencasting the installation process? can i use vmware on installing the OS? if yes, what specific product of vmware should i use?

Any suggestions/idea is accepted..



Yes, you can install both Camtasia and a virtual host app like vmware, virtualbox or virtualpc on your host computer.

When you run the VM, do not run it in full screen so that you can capture video during the process. Then with camtasia, just edit the capture before producing the end result.

here are some of the video examples i have done regarding OS installation.
How to Install Windows XP
How to Install Microsoft Windows Server 2008

if you need to create an HD quality video, just set the vm guest display to match that of the screensize you are recording. Produce your results in the same format.